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$0.50 1862 Seated Liberty Half Dollar 50c - PCGS AU58

A scarce date in any grade, the 1862 Seated Half Dollar is underappreciated by all except the most knowledgeable of seated collectors.

Clashing of the dies is evident where talon details appear above Liberty's left elbow, Liberty's arm and gown appear above the eagle's left talon into the shield, and where the bottom of the rock appears above the eagle's head. Lots of vertically oriented die polish shows on both sides where mint workers managed to efface most of the clash marks.

Luster and strike are uniformly strong, with few marks. Many would call this coin uncirculated, but PCGS has accurately graded it AU58 (Cert. No. 35176814).

While seemingly expensive for the grade, a bit of research and comparison of prices versus availability will bear out my claim that the price is not unfair.