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$1.00 1860-O Seated $1 Dollar - NGC XF40

Okay folks, here is a seemingly common 1860-O Seated Dollar in crusty high grade circulated condition.

I stretched for this piece, not to sell as a type coin, but because collectors of the series trying to match all of the other circulated dollars in their set will struggle to find this coin in any condition other than bright white, mint state.

In its NGC XF40 holder (Cert. No. 4482026-005), the coin is a deep golden grey color over minimally marked surfaces, and would make a great addition to an originally toned set of seated dollars.

Understanding that many collectors might prefer this coin out of its holder, I will gladly remove it for you once paid for, but it will not be returnable if you have me do that.

$600.00 $575.00