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$0.10 1853 No Arrows Seated Liberty Dime 10c - Rainbow Toned VF / XF

It is quite unusual for a much better date to have this much eye appeal, but this No Arrows 1853 Dime has just that.

A single mark, which actually looks like a strike through below the shield, is the only "distraction" on this beautiful example.  Full VF details are evident throughout.  More important to determining the grade is the copious amount of mint luster present on both sides of the coin.  It obviously has not been circulated enough to be a VF grade, and a weak strike explains the lack of detail.

An unbelievably beautiful panoply of vibrant natural color graces both sides of the coin, likely the result of spending many decades in a Wayte Raymond board.  I've shot two sets of photos of the coin, both in good light and poor light to show the full range of its eye appeal.

I would never have imagined a coin like this would come available for this date.