About ToughCOINS

ToughCOINS® is a part-time business grown out of a lifelong hobby.  At this time it is a one-man operation, and it may well remain that way.  However, just in case it grows more than expected, the business from here onward is described as being operated by "we" or "us" rather than by "I" or "me".

Over 50 years of buying and selling coins, we have learned that a great many collectors and dealers are misinformed about what is truly rare, and what is not. While not knowing nearly as much as we’d like to about this hobby - there are far too many areas of study for any individual to know it all - we can tell you that misconceptions abound among collectors and dealers alike.

Have you long sought that “common” coin, only to learn it isn’t as available as you thought, or spent years amassing quantities of coins thought to be scarce, only to realize that they are offered in most coin dealers cases? The name ToughCOINS describes the kind of coins we like to offer you - those which are thought to be common, but really aren't. 

Think of "ToughCOINS", not as those that spent decades in unopened bank bags, or  first year issues hoarded by accumulators, or those pulled from circulation for their age or silver content by cashiers.  Instead, think of them as true survivors of the hunt . . . the few decent examples of underappreciated dates that barely escaped the cash registers, jeweler's benches and melting pots, and found their way into the hands of persistent, selective, knowledgable collectors like yourself.

Think first of ToughCOINS when you go shopping for your next acquisition.