Purchase of (or Trading for) Your Coins

Buying Your Coins

While ToughCOINS® focuses on scarce and unusual US coins, we buy them all.

We encourage you to ship us what you have for sale (see the Contact Us page for our shipping address), and we will do our best to meet your expectations. If your coins are too numerous to ship, and what you have for sale justifies a visit, ToughCOINS® will come to you.

No matter how many coins you have to sell, we will evaluate them quickly, make our offer in a timely manner, and handle them all with care. Payments will be made by company check, and references will be furnished upon request. Please contact us about any US coins you plan to sell.


ToughCOINS® views a trade as an opportunity to satisfy one customer with a coin we already have, and to attract another customer with the coin(s) we would trade for. As long as the coins you offer in trade fit our business profile and we feel we can make a decent profit on both ends of the transaction, we welcome proposals to trade.