Review ToughCOINS

Coin dealers are not perfect. Like all other people, we have our failings, but most of us still try to do the right thing.

In order to help guide the uneducated or unwary, the industry needs a platform for customers to share their past experiences. There exists an internet site for compiling reviews of coins dealers, but it has gone underutilized, and its resurrection could benefit the collecting and dealer communities.

If you share ToughCOINS’ desire to make that happen, and would take the time to review your dealer experiences in that forum, perhaps our renewed effort can turn that site into a more effective and more widely used tool. At this writing, ToughCOINS is not a reviewable member on that site (click below), however we invite you to add us and leave your feedback. We also encourage you to add your experiences with other dealers on that site, located at the link below:

With time, and with persistence, we can build this into the powerful industry tool it was once intended to be.

  - Mike at ToughCOINS