Want List Support

ToughCOINS® specializes in the purchase and sale of uncommon US Coinage. Almost certainly, there will be something of interest to you in our inventory. If it isn’t there, we may already be on the lookout for it. Frequently, new purchases do not get listed on the website or on eBay because they are already on someone else’s Want List. If you’re looking for first crack at a certain date, we encourage you to create a Want List of your own, as long as you are committed to keeping it current.

Eventually, the website will permit you to enter your wanted items directly, but at this time there no provision for that. Therefore, if you want us to pursue certain items for you, please email a list of your wanted items to us.

We don't like problem coins any more than the next person.  To the extent that problem-free coins are available in the marketplace, we endeavor to avoid issues.  As the most seasoned of collectors knows however, there are some dates that are simply not available without problems of some kind.  Therefore, we ask you to identify any dates for which you would consider the purchase of a problem coin, and the types of problems that you would find acceptable for that particular date (e.g., light cleaning / retoning, light corrosion, a subtle bend, jewelry mount skillfully removed from rim, etc).

Our aim is to buy coins you will want to buy from us.