With a different full-time career already taking up normal business hours, this venture is built on evenings, weekends, holidays and lunchbreaks to bring satisfaction to our customers.  Following are some of their comments:


 From Customers of ToughCOINS.com


“I recently purchased a gold $10 Liberty Head Eagle from Mike and ToughCoins.  His coin descriptions are honest and precise.  In fact, the coin I received as much better than I expected.  Delivery is fast and the coin was well protected in the envelope.  I have purchased coins from others, but Mike stands out as one of the best!”  Steve W.

“If you want the best of both worlds with who you deal with then Tough Coins should be at the top of your list. They promote fare deals, honest coins and leave a little bit on the table for the next guy. A pleasurable experience with the feeling that you have been treated right.”  Peter A.

“I gave Mike my Dad’s coin collection on a consignment basis which I inherited from my father. I had some knowledge of these coins, but primarily relied on Mike’s extended experience and professionalism of selling and listing old US coins. He worked diligently over several weeks listing a number of these coins on a weekly basis - providing excellent coin descriptions and pricing them appropriately. He also sent me weekly updates of the coins he listed, which was very helpful to me and allowed me to follow along with the sales. In the end, after selling them over several weeks, he sent me a very detailed spreadsheet listing everything he was able to sell. Mike did a phenomenal job for me, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell coins on consignment.”   Don L.

"Mike sold me a great coin at a very fair price. Arrived timely and was exactly as represented. I would do business with him anytime."   Rod S.

"The feel of this site is very classy and old time collecting feeling with the graphics.  The inventory is large but not overly cumbersome, and easy to navigate and play with.   I love how when you drag across the picture it flips and shows the reverse.  Very neat and one of those engaging features.  I have purchased from him without knowing him, he had that air of trust and was very easy and professional upon communicating.  In fact he worked well with me as the coin was around $630 and I was able to make payments without fear of being ripped off, again without ever meeting him.  He has the right recipe for a one man show if I've ever seen one."  Trey M.

"Mike, it took a few years, and some expense, but I learned, finally, to buy the coin and not the holder.  “Thank you” by itself, falls quite short of being sufficient. To that, I CAN add that when I’m shopping, you will be my first stop!!"  Bob D

"Finding semi-key seated coins in mid grades is getting more and more difficult. I was pleased with the selection at ToughCOINS, bought a splendid coin, and will continue to monitor for additions to my collection."  Aaron B.

“As a collector and accumulator of old coins I have examined countless dealer’s offerings and auctions. This process is generally inefficient and time-consuming, as well as somewhat exasperating when attempting to collect within a disciplined and systematic quality approach.  My new experiences with ToughCOINS have been a bright spot towards my quest.  ToughCOINS has consistently offered a usefully edited inventory of attractive coins, along with a constructive framework for price-to-scarcity value relationships. I really appreciate this business approach.  The more difficult “better dates” I am often seeking have appeared with remarkable persistency from ToughCOINS.  Very importantly, I have seen honest consistency between the coin as represented and the coin as delivered, regarding quality.  Needless-to-say, this factor is very significant to me, and is one not always experienced in the coin collector’s marketplace.  Clearly, I believe this genuine approach to doing a good business at ToughCOINS is fully deserving to offer this very positive assessment in my testimonial.  Keep up the good work, ToughCOINS! I really appreciate your efforts. Many thanks.”  George T.

"Pleasant transaction in every respect.   I couldn't be happier.  Thanks Mike!"  Jon S.   

"I ventured to ToughCOINS based on a recommendation regarding the quality of the web site. The automatic flipping over of a coin when one leaves a pointer there is a class touch!  Mike doesn’t stock common coins as his web site implies, BUT what he carries are high quality, difficult dates at moderate prices.  He has provided several Liberty Seated half dimes in EF40 and EF45 condition from ‘difficult to find’ dates/mintmarks.  I look forward to his emails announcing new coins on his website and on his eBay site.  Top notch product and top shelf service.  Part time?  Not hardly, he is devoted to making the customer happy FULL TIME."  John O.


“ToughCOINS has a great, hand-picked selection of hard-to-find, high quality classic coins, with detailed images, easy checkout, fast shipping, and old school, personal customer service. I am so happy to have found ToughCOINS and I will be back to round out my seated dime and quarter collections!”  Richard H.

"ToughCOINS: Great communication, great product, fast shipping. A pleasure to do business with. Raw coins are accurately graded and reasonably priced. No hesitation in my recommendation and I'll continue to work with Mike on my coin upgrades."  David R.

I'm not only pleased with the coin, I'm stunned at how choice and original it is. I've dabbled in seated quarters for many years and I've never seen a nicer circulated 51-O.  Please add me to your announcements list.  Doug V.

"Really enjoying the great 1865-S quarter I just received from you Mike. I wish you could find some of the other coins I need with the same look!  Please keep me in mind for any other choice Liberty Seated quarters you come across in the future. As always, a pleasure working with you!"  Doug V.

As a new customer it was astonishing how fast Mike & I established rapport with one another.  He is not only a consummate business professional, but now a good friend as well.  His listings are top-shelf items, which translates to not having to view pages & pages of junk!!!  The coin I received was prettier than the photos, undergraded even though it was certified, & frankly I was stunned.  Tough Coins has soared to the top of firms I choose to prefer.   Gerald H.

Hi Mike, to let you know I’ve received the last three coins I’ve purchased from you and I must tell you that I’m really satisfied.  Everything was exactly as you promised if not more.  This was not our first transaction nor will it be our last.  Not only have you been extremely reasonable, but very professional as well.  I love your inventory and especially like the ease in navigating your site.  For sure you’ll see me again.    Bob B.

“Mike has a keen eye for value. He purchases original, problem-free coins, and his grading judgements are ‘spot on'.  I recently consigned a coin with ToughCoins. Mike had it photographed and posted on eBay within a few hours !  And it was sold the very evening it was posted, and provided a very nice return for me - more than I would have netted  had I been the seller.  Collectors know value when THEY see it too. I know you will be pleased with your consignment experience with ToughCoins !”    Andy H.

""ToughCoins" are great to do business with. They give a full honest description of the coin you are considering to purchase, and the coin is fairly priced. If you have any questions about the coin, Mike will answer them in a complete and timely fashion. What's not to like? I've been a serious collector for about five years, and have dealt with about 100 dealers. "ToughCoins" are among the top three. Wish I had found them earlier in my coin collecting endeavors."    Armand L.

"After reading some very positive comments on a coin forum, I made a purchase from ToughCoins.Com to give them a try.  Now after several purchases, I can say that the prices are fair, each transaction has gone smoothly, and most importantly, all the coins I have received have been genuine, original and trouble free. If you're tired of getting hyped up, cleaned, damaged, non-original coins from the majority of dealers out there, give Mike at Tough Coins a try."   Robert B.  

“Hi Mike!  A quick note to let you know that I am 100% satisfied with my recent purchases of two Seated Liberty half dollars at Tough Coins.  As you say in About Tough Coins, many dealers and collectors are misinformed about what is truly rare.  A search on the Internet and many coin stores revealed to me an over abundance of high priced specimens of dates that - according to pricing guides - should be rare, but obviously are not, whereas dates such as the 1841 and 1850 that you sold me, are rare indeed.  I thank you again!”   Ralph M.

"Mike's willingness to answer my questions regarding the $2.5 liberty head I recently found while browsing the website made me feel comfortable purchasing the coin without first seeing it in hand. When it arrived I was happy to find it more than met my stringent requirements. I look forward to expanding my collection with Mike's help in the future.”   T.V.R

“Mike is perhaps the most amazing dealer I have yet encountered. Virtually every offering at ToughCoins (as well as the eBay store) is a unique, hard-to-find coin.  Mike is easy to work with, knows his stuff forwards and backwards and is eager to please the customer.  I have bought two classic gold coins from him, three marvelous toners (a Morgan, a Seated Liberty dime and a Buffalo nickel) and an undergraded find in a Seated Liberty quarter. ToughCoins always provides warp-speed, insured shipping for free.  And Mike will track down special requests. He’s done it three times for me: a gold Buffalo proof, a Liberty nickel cameo proof and a high-grade Jefferson war nickel proof. All at sweet prices!You can trade in confidence with Mike and ToughCoins. I can't wait for my next opportunity to do so! He is a collector's dealer.”   Alan S.

“I have dealt with Michael on several different coins. Coins that are of Quality & Rarity,& fairly market priced.  I have always been more than Happy with all of the coins that Michael has had.Thanks & I look forward to the next bargain.”  Ed T.

“Want to thank you personally for the scarce and with nice color 1895-S $10 dollar coronet eagle I received last Friday.  I’ve been searching for this coin for a long time after passing on an example offered to me at the  - EDITED - Show several years ago.  This coin was in a PCGS holder.  It was sharply struck with antique yellow gold color.  The “bottom line” was that I couldn’t really afford it at the time, even though it was a choice XF45, and not unusually expensive.  The dealer was  - EDITED -  from  - EDITED -.  Back then the - EDITED - show where I was thrived with good attendance and a vast array of coins, foreign and domestic.  Today its an “empty shell” of what it used to be.  Anyway, the coin I received from your concern is superior in every way to that XF45 of many years ago.  I also like the fact that it’s “raw”.  Slabbed coins are useful in some instances, but it is also hard to view the coin up close, the holders get scratches, are clumsy, and take up too much room.  Like everyone else, I have them, but prefer the “raw” coin.  I also appreciate your fast service and ease of payment.  I’ll continue to monitor your on-line sites for future purchases.  Your offerings are quality driven and accurately graded, and fairly priced.”  Bill C.

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A relatively new coin site, USACoinBook.com is a venue for buying, selling, and auctioning coins.  We began selling there only a couple of years ago, but have observed the site's steady growth in popularity, and are pleased to say we plan to be there for the long haul. The administrators of this site are more responsive to complaints about fake coins, and have demonstrated a strong resolve to keep it a safe trading space.  Our USACoinBook feedback can be reviewed at:
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