Consignment Services

ToughCOINS® generally offers coins for sale that are very difficult to locate. We welcome consignments of similar coins for sale alongside our own, either on the ToughCOINS® website (fixed price) or on eBay (fixed price or auction), according to the fee schedule shown below.

ToughCOINS® website Listing:

Fixed price listing fee of $20 per listing plus $1 per month

Sales commission at the greater of $20 per listing or 8% of the gross sale price.

eBay Fixed Price Listing:

Listing fee of $20 plus $1 per month

Sales commission of eBay fees plus PayPal fees plus 10% of the gross sale price.

eBay Auction Listing:

Listing fee of $1.00

Sales commission of eBay fees plus PayPal fees plus 10% of the gross sale price.


Note: The cost of research, photography, detailed descriptive content and delivery to US buyers is included in the above offered consignment services.


Featured Consignment of the Month© 

We will try to feature on our website, one outstanding consigned coin every month. Selected coins will be featured for one month only, regardless of how long the consignment lasts. Sellers wanting their coins considered should consign them at least four weeks in advance of the month for which they would like their coins featured, and provide enough information for them to be fairly considered. The featured coin should excite visitors of the website, as would an outstanding rarity, a wild looking error, a coin of important provenance, or an eye-popping stunner, but the basis for selection will be at our discretion alone. ToughCOINS® will not feature any of its own coins as the Consignment of the Month©.