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Error Dime Fragment (No Date) Struck 5 Times - ANACS MS60

We have a passion for errors such as this, as they bring out the detective in us.  We feel this error coin was misattributed by ANACS as a single fragment struck multiple times. 

There were indeed 5 strikes involved in making this piece, however, it appears that it was created by press-bonding of clad layers snagged and ripped from 5 successive coins by the tooling . . . . definitely not the class of error that is marked on the holder. 

In a few of the photos, it should be evident that there are 5 individual pieces of cladding, each similar in size and shape, bonded at one edge to the next piece in the sequence, creating a sort of chain.  It is clear from examining the edges of the pieces, that this is not a single fragment.

As bonded errors go, this is one of the smaller ones we've seen, and fits very easily in a standard slab, instead of one of those big klunkers.

 A fascinating "coin".